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Kid-zone Summer Camp


Thank you for choosing us to be your child's summer camp destination! Our summer camp incorporates Christian principles, along with a certified S.T.E.A.M. curriculum. Our Director and Facilities Manager work seamlessly to provide your child with an excellent experience, at affordable rates. This year our summer camp will run from June 26 to August 4. We are located at 2473 Wendell Blvd. in Wendell, NC. Our hours of operation are 8:30AM to 4:30PM. Late pickup is available upon request! Call us at 919-626-0578, or email us at with your questions! Looking forward to working with you and your children!!!

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We exist to provide a safe and enriching environment, dedicated to the growth and value of your child. 


We envision a summer camp with hundreds of children, expanding their learning capacity through hands on experiences. These experiences will produce memories to last a lifetime. 

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