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The Way Church, formerly known as, The Church of God and True Holiness (COGATH) was established in the city of Knightdale, NC in October of 2000, by Pastor Marcus A. Scott and his wife Lady Letisha Scott. Pastor Scott was serving under the leadership of the late Bishop Fred Cobb Jr. at The Church of God and True Holiness in Durham, NC, and was promoted by the Holy Spirit to find a ministry in Knightdale. Upon receiving the blessing of his pastor, Pastor Scott began having services in his home on Saturday and Sunday evenings. This allowed Pastor Scott to remain faithful to all of his duties and responsibilities at his home church in Durham and serve in ministry in Knightdale. Within a year, the services in his home became so lively and full of seekers, a new location to house this new ministry was inevitable. It was also evident, that Pastor Scott could no longer maintain his positions in Durham and be an effective pastor in Knightdale at the same time. 807 N. Smithfield Road, the former Malaby's Crossroads Baptist Church & Local Center, would be the next home for COGATH Knightdale for the following three and a half years. It was at this location that many souls were added to the Church, and where the annual JOYFEST conference began. The Church, needing its own space to be more functional and effective, moved to a storefront on Village Park Drive. Over the next four years, we grew, and more parking was needed. In February 2008, Pastor Scott made the decision to move to 8924 Buffalo Road. 


In 2017, Pastor Scott became concerned about the COGATH Knightdale Church. The lack of growth and its relevance in the community became progressively alarming and Pastor Scott knew that in order to fulfill The Great Commission, some major changes needed to be made. Through prayer and planning, Pastor Scott and the leaders of COGATH began the process of reorganizing the church and as a result, COGATH of Knightdale became The Way Church. 

We recognize that according to John 14:6 Jesus declared, "I am the Way, the truth, and the life..." and that in the book of Acts the believers with their teachings and practices called themselves "of the Way" (Acts 9:2, 19:9, 23). Since Jesus is the Way, we preach his message, turning men and women from the path of destruction to the Way of salvation through Jesus. God has been faithful from the beginning, until this present time. We are persuaded that even in this next chapter, He will continue to lead and guide us. We are so glad that you are deciding to journey with us at The Way. 

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