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Expanding from the city of Wendell, a beacon of hope is emerging. The Annual JOYFEST Conference founded in 2001 by the visionary and Senior Pastors of The Way Church of Wendell, NC, Pastor Marcus Scott Sr. and his wife, First Lady Letisha Scott, is not just an event; it is a movement that transforms lives through inspiration, impartation, and information. Within the JOYFEST Conference, local churches and pastors are given tools to grow their respective ministries.

From its humble beginnings in the halls of a local church to its expansion into a multi-day conference drawing attendees from across the nation, JOYFEST is growing both in scale and significance with each passing year. What started as a gathering at The Way Church, has now transitioned to The North Raleigh Hilton hotel, boasting a weekly attendance between 700-1000 attendees and conference delegates combined. In 2023, The Way Church was officially welcomed into fellowship with the Christian Covenant Fellowship of Ministries (CCFM), under the leadership of Presiding Prelate, Bishop Michael A. Blue, Sr. JOYFEST continues to blossom into a full-fledged celebration, featuring dynamic speakers, uplifting music, and transformative workshops.

Over the years, JOYFEST has become a community—a group of churches bound together by their desire to not only win souls, but build the kingdom of God, strategically. From the young to the old, from every background and ethnicity, JOYFEST welcomes all with open arms, creating an atmosphere of love and acceptance that touches lives and hearts, annually.


While highlighting inspiration, information, and impartation, JOYFEST partners with community business owners who are seeking an additional avenue to market their business, whether through sponsoring or vending their products.

As JOYFEST enters its third decade, the impact of Pastors Marcus and First Lady Letisha Scott, The Way Church and the JOYFEST Conference continues to build, inspiring new generations to embrace the joy of faith and the power of community, imparting strategies into the leaders of tomorrow, and informing all, how to remain relevant in the kingdom of God today. Though the world may change and evolve, the spirit of JOYFEST remains constant throughout the year—a beacon of hope in a sometimes dark and uncertain world, reminding us of all the boundless joy that comes from a life dedicated to Christ.


Through the challenges and triumphs, JOYFEST is known as a premier conference in North Carolina. The JOYFEST Conference has welcomed over 700 people to their in-person services and generated over tens of thousands of views online. In addition to the conference attendees and paid registrants, JOYFEST has also welcomed some of the world’s best international speakers including: The Bishop Michael A. Blue (Presiding Prelate, Christian Covenant Fellowship of Ministries), The Bishop J. Drew Sheard (Presiding Prelate, Church of God in Christ), Bishop Anthony Gilyard (Jurisdictional Bishop of Church of God in Christ), and so many more. Additionally, JOYFEST has welcomed international psalmists including: The Dorinda Clark-Cole (The Clark Sisters), Dr. Pastor Wendi Wyatt, The Elder Jarrell Smalls, Grammy Nominated Bishop Jason Nelson, and so many more.


Attendees the last 3 years


Attendees in 2024

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CED & Founder, Pastor Marcus & Lady Letisha Scott -


Logistics & Event Coordinator, Carlos Tillman -


Adjutant General, Kenneth Hicks Jr. -


Adjutant General Deputy, Andrew Street -


Planned Giving Coordinator, Keturah Wicks -


Director of Registration, Micia Whitehurst -


Director of Media, Shakirah Scott -


Director of Security & Protocol, Travis Wicks -


Director of Hospitality, Alliyah Street -

Looking to support the Joyfest Annual Conference? Feel free to become a sponsor, partner or donate today! All donations are welcomed! 

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